To whom we sell?

Our customers may be different, but in short, we want to bring the state-of-the-art medical solutions to the end-users.

To whom we sell?


Dealers manage different projects and tenders throughout Vietnam

To whom we sell?


Hospital, private-clinics are our key customers

To whom we sell?


Our full portfolio can satisfy all contractor’s needs

To whom we sell?


Authorizied sub-distributors may in charge of regions in Vietnam


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What we offer?

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Healthcare is a largest and fastest-growing industry. It greatly affects human health and life. VamGroup understands our role and mission, we have connected the world’s leading laboratories companies to the Vietnamese patients, ensuring they having the most accurate testing results.


High-end equipment produced by great manufacturers all over the worlds


Followed with the equipment, reagents are supplied with different size and long shelf-life


VamGroup is willing to be your consultant: we find your problem and give you the best solution


Our efforts to bring you the best solution

After more than 12 years of innovation, our strengths in finding new products, importing and distributing allow us to give our partners and customers a competitive edge.

From complex laboratory equipment such as Biochemistry Analyzer, Immunology Analyzer, Hematology Analyzer,… to small consumables such as pipette tip, test tube; we do have the ability to supply.

The complexity in Equipment Operation and Management, or Reagent Storage Planning can be quickly consulted by us, helping users to experience our services with peace of mind.