The Vam_CEO

Be accountable for strategy, execution, and leadership of the company end-to-end.

The Vam_VaF

Partner company-wide to deliver financial ​​​​​​​expertise that ​​​​​​​drives business transformation

The Vam_VaB

Drive strategic partnerships and transactions ​​​​​​​to accelerate growth

The Vam_VaT

As the cornerstone of our company, our engineers always aspire to be the best in the medical field.

The Vam_VaO

Ensures that the business process is completed from start to finish

The Vam_VaH

Partner with employees and leaders on projects ​​​​​​​critical to our key objectives.

The VamTrading_E-comm

We driving the next ecommercerce industrial revolution

The Vam_ERP

Manages and integrates business processes through a single system.

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